World Symphony

The Whole World Symphony

Hidden in the recent headlines is some good news about the world symphony. A remarkable story and its meaning can change our world. No, the problems plaguing our world did not magically end. Undoubtedly, your first cup of coffee every morning will continue to be accompanied by the first part of the diet: global violence, corruption, deaths related to growing diseases, climate disasters and other challenges we face. The challenges we face. Because maybe, just maybe, we are starting to face them. Together. 카지노사이트

The story of our civilization is the story of our ancestors moving from challenge to challenge, often with tragic results. But history also records moments of triumph, moments that helped find the best that makes up the human heritage. As our species progresses, we will always have challenges, or precisely the struggle against those challenges and, sometimes, time becomes the triumph of humanity, making life we are useful. Let’s stop for a moment, put on the coffee, stop the newspaper and celebrate such a victory. A victory that has the signature of all of us.

First, a little background

Over the past few decades, products, equipment, and services that support people have all become more integrated. Today, almost all businesses, resources, and products and service providers are effectively integrated if not integrated into the network of economic, financial, supply chain, communication, and information systems. that binds us together. In other words, we have become One. The birth of living things. Businessmen, philosophers, and those of us who haven’t forgotten how to dream see this as the beginning of an incredible opportunity. But the balance of life does not advise far: the opportunity to pull the chain is often part of an unprecedented challenge. Our new connected reality brings us efficiency, capabilities and opportunities that all support and improve our world symphony, but it also brings us unprecedented reliability. Damage to any vital department – like an organ injury – can damage everything. We – all people – are now vulnerable in a way we have never been before.

Global supply disruptions.

Climate change. These crises, along with a few others, represent challenges on an unprecedented scale. Because while there has always been turmoil, never has our civilization been so unified that a major upheaval in one area could bring down the entire world. It’s new. All the biggest challenges we face become global, they face us all. But this is a secret

Something special happened. We are beginning to understand. We are beginning to realize that we need to come together and face them.

It was unprecedented. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Or maybe it is – in fiction. Do you remember the Knights of the Round Table? Vision of integrity in government. The commitment of those who can protect those who don’t. 온라인카지노사이트

What is the next step?

One of the hardest parts of connecting in the flesh is that we, collectively, are too big to choose the threats we face. Because our greatest weakness is now our collective weakness – a weakness that begins or ends with a disaster on a global scale. Climate change. Infectious diseases.

These things have now been identified and are actively being worked on. (Although COVID-19 is also bad, to the point of panic, we avoid something much worse. As the media reported at the beginning of the crisis, the global financial system came close to collapsing at the beginning of the pandemic.

We drove very close to the edge, which helped to support the measures taken this year in Cornwall). The next step is to build on that start.

Expanding our commitment to planning and investing in resilience to address the most serious threat to the Black Sky class: a threat that, if severe, could threaten the health and even the prosperity of our interconnected modern world and confusion.

Make the most of the exodus, fueled by new epidemics and climate change promises. To understand that as the fight against COVID-19 is not on anyone’s agenda at the beginning of 2020.

We must prepare for other Black Sky-class threats: extreme solar weather, mega-earthquake zones, extreme cyber or EMP attacks, and terrorist attacks against critical infrastructure networks. Because it is impossible to know which of these great threats will befall us again.

One more secret

We humans are complex creatures, but most of us, most of the time, focus our efforts on what we see as our own needs or the needs of those we see. away. But not always. There is a remarkable secret, which is inside almost every one of us, everywhere, which is not paid attention to.

A luminous part of our soul, how powerful it is to make ordinary people free themselves of their own needs, risking their work and sometimes their lives; travel hundreds of kilometers to help save people who are drowning in extreme floods; jump into the river to save the child; Run to the firehouse to save the neighbor.

When great danger suddenly appears; when time comes and gives us the gift of seeing quickly and the important needs of others, selfish emotions dry like dust and fly away, and we become luminous, risking ourselves to do n ‘the future still unites them with others who, without us, cannot. 바카라사이트

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