Biodigester Toilets

Biodigester Toilets

Biodigester toilets, also known as biotoilets, are a type of toilet that uses anaerobic digestion to treat human waste. The technology uses a seal tank or chamber, called a biodigester, that contains microorganisms that break down organic matter in the waste into methane gas and water. 카지노사이트

The methane gas produced by the biodigester can be use for cooking or heating. While the treat water can be safely discharge into the environment or use for irrigation.

Biodigester toilets are often used in areas without access to centralize sewage systems. Or where traditional pit latrines are not appropriate due to high water tables or poor soil conditions.

Although, Biodigester toilets have several advantages over traditional pit latrines. Include reduce odors, improve sanitation, and reduce groundwater contamination. They also produce renewable energy in the form of methane gas, which can be used to replace fossil fuels.

However, biodigester toilets require regular maintenance. Yet, to ensure that the microorganisms in the biodigester are functioning properly and to prevent blockages or overflow. Even so they may also require specialize installation and maintenance. Which can be a barrier to widespread adoption in some communities.

While Eco-friendly and affordable, Biodigester toilets are design to end open defecation. And improve hygiene in low-income urban communities.

However, WASHKing manufactures, supplies and installs high quality bio-digestion toilets use locally available materials and craftsmen. Yet, her newly design smart toilet called Mamaakiban uses pay-as-you-go technology and combines smart door lock, real toilet and digital payment systems.

Apart from the technology is easy to maintain as it processes human waste on-site and does not require external piping for cleaning. In spite of provide accessible, environmentally friendly and adequate sanitation facilities prevents pollution, keeps communities clean and protects the environment.


WASHKing enables low-income and underserved communities to access affordable health products.

Its eco-friendly and accessible bio-digestive toilets aim to end open defecation and improve sanitation in low-income urban communities in Ghana. Manufactures, supply and installs high quality bio fermentation baths use locally available materials and craftsmen.

Their newly develop smart toilet, call Mamaakiban, uses pay-as-you-go technology and combines a smart lock, real toilets and digital payment systems to give budget customers uninterrupt access to real toilets.

On the contrary Toilet technology uses an on-site toilet cleaning solution consisting of a substructure. Known as a biodigester and an extension (superstructure). That can be made from a variety of materials such as precast panels, iron cement and blocks. Biodigester only requires 2.6 W*3 ft H*5 L square.

The technology Biodigester Toilets is easy to maintain as it processes human waste on-site and does not require external piping for treatment. The treat waste is used as fertilizer and water for agricultural use, create value for customers and the environment.

WASHKing aims to become the leading brand for inclusive and responsible sanitation in the develop world.

Social Impacts

Our work directly contributes to three key Sustainable Development Goals.

(1) clean water and sanitation. (2) health and well-being. (3) And decent work and economic development. We provide accessible, environmentally friendly. And adequate sanitation facilities that prevent pollution, keep communities clean, and protect the environment.

While Adequate sanitation is essential to reduce open defecation and disease and death relate to poor sanitation. Although to help us contribute to the health and people, the environment and the community.

Healthy people can engage in productive activities and make meaningful contributions to themselves, their families and their communities to break the cycle of poverty.

When a good quality accessible toilet is available at home and at school, students have enough time to study and do not miss classes or school during their menstrual cycle. 온라인카지노사이트

WASHKing involves and trains disadvantage youth (e.g. bricklayers, plumbers, etc.) to build and sell our toilet facilities and provide them with decent employment opportunities, transferable skills and a better economic position for them, their family and the community at large.

Future Plans

Our goals for the next five years are: Establish an efficient supply chain, expand regionally and internationally, and develop a strong workforce and important customer base.

This includes the creation of social micro-franchisees and vocational training programs to educate young people about earning opportunities along the sanitation value chain.

Alternatively increase resources and investments (e.g. improved ICT and R&D) to support product/service development to sell better, monitor, optimize and receive regular feedback to serve BoP employees well .

Establishment of a revolving fund to co-finance the construction costs of over 1,000 toilets per year. So that no one is left behind in accessing adequate sanitation. Build a solid reputation in healthcare and become a dominant force in the industry. 바카라사이트

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